Trendy fashion earrings range from adorable little shaped studs to gigantic sparkling chandelier earrings. When choosing trendy earrings, you can select pieces that express your interest, whether you like big gold hoops or small silver studs. Wear an ornate pair of dangling earrings the next time you go out to your favorite club or try a petite stud with your workday attire.


Bracelets are great because they can dress up your favorite jeans or finish off a sexy little cocktail dress. The red carpet is covered with starlets sporting bracelets because they are the perfect accessory. Lady Glam has a bracelet…or two or three for everyone. Stack a couple, stack a ton or just wear one for a delicate flair. There’s no wrong way to make a bracelet right.


Rings are one of the trendiest styles today! Cocktail rings feature a large gemstone, metal design or an abstract shape. Large cocktail rings are very dramatic and eye-catching, but they are still easy to wear in a variety of situations. cocktail rings are perfect for parties and special events.


Necklaces are fun and eye-catching; add a trendy chain or pendant to your jewelry collection. Lady Glam has a collection of necklaces that include strands of pearls, glittering novelty pendants, stone encrusted necklaces, feathers, and beads. Try wearing an extra-long strand necklace doubled around your neck for a striking look out on the town.


Headbands transcend age, trends and style. They will always be in style and will always be effortless. Picture this: you wake up to the worst hair day yet, you try every product in your arsenal to no avail. No problem! Slip on a headband and you’re ready for the day. Tease a bit of hair behind the headband or put it in a side ponytail. It’s been a secret celebrity trick for ages!


Clothing may make up the majority of an outfit, but accessories are more significant than you may think, they work together to create an ensemble that expresses your style and who you are. You might find yourself sending just as much time shopping accessories as you do clothes – and rightfully so.